Hello Hello!

My name is Maria Sophia Rose and I run 'The Enchanted Glade' with my husband Lillo and our 2 children- Ayla and Eliya.

We are a small independent business, with love and care for people and nature at the very heart of what we do.

All our units are off grid and ecologically sustainable;Wood fired, solar powered, biodegradable products and locally sourced/recycled materials.

We have tried our best to support other local businesses: All our hampers are filled with organic local produce and the furniture and pottery we use is made from local craftspeople or upcycled.

We also give a percentage of our profits to local woodland conservation projects and Treesisters-Planting trees for change.

Lillo and I have held this vision for a long  time and as we are both therapists, it was inevitable that we would one day create our own healing space.

After travelling the world, staying in and working in various eco lodges, setting up a retreat centre in Bali and then running one in Costa Rica, We decided it was time to come back to England, have a family and create our own project back home.

We both have over a decade experience in the hospitality area and are keen travellers, which means we have inside insight as to what creates a unique customer experience and unforgettably special holiday.

After our return to the UK, We moved in to a well established, land based community and for a few years ran a small BNB business from our home. 

However, when the covid pandemic hit, it became apparent to us that this was no longer sustainable or even possible, so we had to think quickly and creatively.

We had many enquiries from people seeking a different kind of holiday- One immersed in nature, connected to the land and the people, A holiday which resets and refreshes the body, mind and Spirit.

We realised that the unique selling point of our BnB business was the experience of a holistic off grid lifestyle.

It became clear that the time to manifest our ultimate dream is NOW.

The pandemic propelled us into an immediate response, we realised that our training as therapists, our skills managing and creating retreat spaces, our experience working at festivals and our personal love for wild spa’s, was the perfect combination for us to finally pull all the threads together and create this beautiful and unique space at a time when people are so longing for space, fresh air and relaxation.

Nothing brings us greater delight than sharing this space with YOU.

We look forward to welcoming you and offering you a restful and inspiring holiday.

We Love this place so much , we wrote a poem to share with you the joy we feel onsite:

‘See the sun set ,and the starlight

The water warm and the steam swirl …

The owl hoot and the pheasants call.

The moon rise, shining bright.

I breathe and receive it all.

The fire lit, the candlelight,

We’ll sleep under the trees tonight...’

With love,

Maria and family